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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shawshank Redemption DVD Review

Weighing in with three different versions, the Shaw's Hank Redemption DVD is a goal to do, that the film proper justice by delivering the same quality in the extras, as well as the quality of the film. Hank Shaw's Redemption can be purchased as a standard, Deluxe Limited, and as a Special Edition. Although the Deluxe and Special Limited Edition by offering additional functions, each of which provides the powerful film, as it was.

Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins provide powerful functions in this prison movie. Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne, a man for killing his wife and her lover. He has become a prison sentence to a life term, and it meets with Red, played by Morgan Freeman. The chemistry between the two characters is simply unmatched by most other prison movies and the film delivers a powerful nurtured by the excellent work of these two fine actors.

The DVD's deliver the film in great clarity and quality. The film has been sharpened and refined, if DVD version, and this leads to a very high quality film with bright, vivid colors, great detail, and the proper light and shadow settings. Although the film contains no option to display in full screen mode, the widescreen presentation was truly wonderful and the movie delivers excellent.

The sound is crisp, clear Dolby 5.1. Although the film was never truly epic in terms of its audio component, the music with the film but not really leave a lasting impression, the dialogue is very clear and the interaction between the two stars is more to life.

In terms of extras, the standard version is very easy and contains almost nothing in terms of the actual package of extras. But also the other issue is packed with lots of extras, worth a look for fans of Hank Shaw's Redemption. Comments, interviews, documentaries and other special features, all smartly made and the value observed.

The Shaw's Hank's Redemption DVD the film with high quality and the transfer to DVD format was very good. Even though the DVD does not include many extras, all versions are worth a look, and each brings his own money. The Shaw's Hank Redemption is an epic film and the DVD's cover that very well and deliver the film, as it should be seen.

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